Festival Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions – Milkshake Brasil 2017

1 – General Information

Milkshake Brasil 2017 is a festival that will be held on the 16th of June 2017 at Avenida Francisco Matarazzo, 678, Barra Funda, city of São Paulo, State of São Paulo.

Upon expressing interest in purchasing a ticket to Milkshake Brasil 2017, you expressly agree to these General Terms and Conditions of the Festival. If you do not agree with these General Terms and Conditions, you are not eligible to purchase your ticket(s).

If these Terms are not followed, access and/or permanence at the event will not be allowed. Please read the following terms carefully. Please note that this Terms and Conditions are different from the terms and conditions set forth by EventBrite (https://www.eventbrite.com.br/support/articles/pt_BR/Troubleshooting/termos-de-servico-eventbrite?lg=pt_BR), responsible for the sale of the festival tickets.

To purchase tickets for Milkshake Brasil 2017, you are required to accept the specific Terms and Conditions of Eventbrite.

Milkshake is not a festival that originated in Brazil. Any structural change or adaptation of the concept of the festival to its realization in Brazil does not generate any right to indemnify visitors. The communication of the festival may contain merely illustrative elements. Upon expressing interest in purchasing tickets for the festival, visitor guarantees to know the conditions of the festival site and its accesses, which may be influenced by climatic conditions and other factors. Visitor recognizes that the festival is endowed with many services and has a great audience. Visitor is aware that any queues and delay in attending some of the services available is intrinsic to any event.

Milkshake Brasil reserves the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at any time, therefore, make sure you have read the updated version every time you access the website. The new version of these General Terms and Conditions will be applicable immediately after it is updated and made available.

At the discretion of Milkshake Brasil, specific currency and cashless payment methods may be adopted for the consumption of food, beverages and services made available at the festival. In this case, the specific rules will be made available in the appropriate communication channels and should also be analyzed, accepted and observed. Other services to be enjoyed at the festival may be subsequently disclose in the future, whose regulations and conditions of use will be made available on the appropriate communication channels.

For any further questions, please contact us through the following email: info.milkshake@plus.network.

2 – Days and Hours

The festival will take place on 06/16/2017, Friday, from 4pm to 06am (BRT), in the City of São Paulo, State of São Paulo at Avenida Francisco Matarazzo, 678, Barra Funda. Please check all access information at www.milkshakefestival.com.br.

To access the festival, each visitor must be in the possession of one valid Milkshake Festival Brasil 2017 ticket. One ticket per person is required.

Warning: Tickets for Milkshake events held in other parts of the world, including their respective confirmation emails, vouchers (e-ticket) and bracelets, are not valid documents to access Milkshake Brasil 2017. If the ticket holder submits tickets that do not refer to Milkshake Brasil 2017, access to the event may be denied.

3 – Minimum Age Limit

The minimum age requirement for entrance at the festival is 18 (eighteen) years of age, celebrated to the date that the visitor intends to attend the event.

Minors will not be allowed access to the event, even those accompanied by a parent or guardian or those who are legally emancipated. 

Important: As proof of age, an official ID with a photograph issued by the Brazilian Government will be required at the entrance (ID, passport or original driver’s license) or, in the case of foreigners, a valid passport.

4 – Tickets

A promotional tier will be available from 05/05/2017, 12:00 pm (BRT). General sales will start immediately after the exhaustion of the tickets destined for the promotional tier.

Purchase your tickets through authorized sales channels of Milkshake Brasil 2017 or partners indicated on the official website.

Counterfeiting festival tickets is a liable offense subject to criminal prosecution.

Tickets can also be purchased at the ticket office, whose location will be announced in the future, depending on the availability of each lot.

Ticket sales are made exclusively through the official website. We do not sell tickets via telephone or email, therefore be careful to avoid unsuitable scams advertised by market players. Should there be any changes in this regard, the public will be informed in advance on Milkshake Brasil’s official website.

We are not held liable for tickets purchased from unofficial sales channels and will not guarantee access to the event or a refund.

It will be possible to purchase up to 4 (four) tickets per person. To do so, the holder of the purchase must register on the website www.eventbrite.com.br, entering the data requested there and creating his login and password.

As payment method in online purchases buyers will be allowed to use debit and credit cards (VISA and MASTER) and bank slips (“boleto bancário”, only Brazilian citizens). In the purchases at the ticket office all the mentioned payment methods will be accepted, plus cash payment.

Milkshake Brasil will have a payment plan for purchases made by  Brazilian citizens using credit cards, according to the following conditions: up to 12 (twelve) installments without interest, observing the minimum value of R$ 50.00 (fifty reais) per installment. At the ticket office: up to 3 (three) installments without interest.

For the promotional lot 1,500 (one thousand and five hundred) tickets will be made available, distributed in categories at the discretion of Milkshake Brasil.

Tickets are subject to a convenience fee charge collected by the provider of the online shopping platform Eventbrite. For tickets purchased at the ticket office, there will be no convenience fee charge.

Milkshake Brasil 2017 tickets will be sold in the following categories, whose prices will be available on Milkshake Brasil’s official website:


  • General access to the festival 


  • General access to the festival 
  • Premium area access
  • Table service (subject to availability)
  • Exclusive bars
  • Premium toilets

Tickets for Milkshake Brazil 2017 consist of e-tickets sent to the email registered by the buyer at the time of purchase.
For the “GENERAL ADMISSION” category e-tickets will be sent to the buyer’s email.

For the “PREMIUM” categories e-tickets will also be sent to the buyer’s email, but access bracelets must be presented for entry into the VIP area.

Those who purchase PREMIUM tickets will be able, at the time of purchase, to choose between receiving the access bracelets to the VIP area at the address informed in the account registered in www.eventbrite.com.br, or withdrawing them at the festival box office through the presentation of the e-ticket and identity document. No tickets will be delivered at the ticket office.

The access bracelets to the VIP area are endowed with a special seal that damages the bracelet in case of attempted withdrawal. Milkshake Brasil may deny access to the VIP area to the visitor who presents a violated bracelet. Damaged bracelets will not be replaced for any reason.

The beginning of the purchase procedure and its completion are subject to ticket availability and to the approval of your credit card or bank administrator.

Milkshake Brasil is not responsible for the way in which each credit card / financial institution administrator makes and organizes their bills, as well as credit limit analyzes, approvals and refusals, chargebacks and cancellations. Online purchases that are disapproved or canceled by the card company and / or financial institution of the buyer can cause the availability of the respective tickets for other interested parties, therefore there is no guarantee of  ticket reservation of started purchase operations that were not finalized for any reason. Thus, it may happen that at first access the interested party verifies that there are no tickets available, while in a later access made by himself or another interested party, there are availability of tickets that returned to the virtual store for sale.

Purchases are made through the internet and the ticket sale platform can be accessed simultaneously by thousands of people. Simultaneous access to the platform by two or more people, although through the same computer, does not guarantee that all can start the purchase procedure.

A online queue system may be implemented for the tickets sale.

Check the internet connection used to purchase the tickets. Milkshake Brasil is not responsible for the failure or oscillation of the connection.

Avoid using third-party debit / credit cards to avoid differences between the name of the buyer and the cardholder. Due to the duty of confidentiality of personal and banking data, Milkshake Brasil will not be able to release information to the buyer or cardholder, should there be any problem in the purchase.

Upon completion of the purchase, the buyer will receive a confirmation email containing information about the purchase and a link for more information and next steps to be followed by the visitor so that he can access the festival.

Since the Festival tickets are issued solely in digital format, the buyer is held sole and exclusively liable for keeping the bar code information in total secrecy. The bar code is the only warranty that a ticket won’t be forged. Hence, when you buy your e-ticket:

  • Print it in full content immediately and then save it only in a secure digital storage device;
  • Don’t save your e-ticket on public computers or any device that may not be considered absolutely secure;
  • Don’t show or post, under any condition, the e-ticket on social media, messaging apps, chats, blogs, or any other public media that might allow others to view and access your ticket;
  • Don’t send your e-ticket by email, cloud systems or any other storage data mechanism that is not considered to be absolutely secure.

Ticket prices do not include shipping charges, which will be duly itemized upon completion of the purchase.

All costs will be itemized on the purchase order. There are no other costs other than the itemized calculated costs.

Before finalizing your purchase, carefully check what you’ve selected. Also make sure that your personal details are correct, including those related to the bracelet delivery address, if applicable. Customers are solely responsible for the confirmation of incorrect personal details.

Upon completion of the purchase, the tickets will be the property and exclusive responsibility of the customer, including in terms of theft, robbery and any damages that may invalidate or obliterate its validation to access the event. In all these cases, the ticket will not be refunded or reprinted.

Without prior permission in writing granted by the event organizer, it is forbidden to sell tickets to third parties or offer tickets in any other way through commercial or promotional means, directly or indirectly, to third parties. In such situations, ticket holders may be denied access to the event.

Mobile phones with cameras, amateur photographic and/or video cameras are allowed in the Festival. Pictures or movies made by visitors on the festival may not be used for commercial or public purposes, unless with written consent from the organizer.

The organizing parties and/or official ticket supplier reserve the right to verify the identity of all Festival visitors. When asked by a member of the security or management staff, the visitor shall present the valid official document used to purchase the ticket. If you do not have a valid identification document, you might not be allowed to enter the festival. The following are considered official and valid documents: original national photo ID, and in the case of foreigners, a passport. Copies, even if notarized, will not be accepted.

5 – Half-Price Admissions

Half-price admissions will be applied for Brazilian citizens in accordance with the legal provisions in force at the time we make tickets available for purchase, granting benefits to the following categories:

  • Students: Pursuant to Law 12.933/2013 and Decree 8.537/2015, Brazilian students who bear the Student Identification Card (CIE);
  • Elderly: Pursuant to Federal Law Number 10.741/2003 (Statute of the Elderly), people aged 60 (sixty) and over that can prove such condition by means of an official photo ID;
  • People with Disabilities: as determined under Law Number 12.933/13, who prove this condition by means of an official document with a photo accompanied by the Card of Continued Benefit of the Social Assistance of the person with disability or of the document issued by the National Institute of Social Security (“INSS”), which certifies the retirement pursuant to Complementary Law 142/2013. Accompanying persons will also be entitled to the half-entry, upon presentation of a declaration of need of companion, by the person with a disability or by the companion at the entrance of the festival;
  • Professionals from schools of the state and municipal public education networks in the state of São Paulo: in accordance with State Law Number 15.298/14, directors, educational coordinators, supervisors and others who hold job positions in the state and municipal public school network who present an official photo ID, as well as a professional ID card or pay stub.
  • Low-income young people between 15 and 29 years old: according to Law 12.933/2013 and Decree 8.537/2015. Low-income people aged 15 to 29, registered in the CADUNICO who have a family income of up to 2 (two) minimum wages and present the Youth Identity accompanied by an official document with a photo.

PREMIUM service is an optional and additional benefit, not subject to half-price regulations, and can only be acquired in combination with a ticket.
Pursuant to Law 12.933 /13, a document conference for the right to half-entry may be required at the time of purchase and access to the festival.

Should participants fail to present the necessary documents that attest to their half-price ticket benefit, they will be required to pay the complementary value associated to the specific ticket lot that was purchased to enter the festival, as per the procedure that will be duly informed upon access to the event by the festival staff.

Should participants fail to present a document that attests to their half-price ticket benefit or fail to pay the complementary value, access to the event will be denied.

Milkshake Brasil reserves the right to require the presentation of an official document with photo whenever necessary to confirm the benefit of the half-entry.

6 – Cancellation and No-Shows

If the event is cancelled, the restitution of the ticket’s face value will be made in up through a procedure that will be presented at the time by the press and through the internet, considering that in this case, no values paid for in terms of delivery fees and/or pick-up fees will be restituted, as these services have already been rendered.

International sales: No refunds if visitors waive their attendance at the event. All sales are final. The confirmation of purchase sent to the email registered at the time of purchase already guarantees the right to enter the festival.

Partial changes on the line-up do not grant full or partial refunds to festival tickets.

7 – Provision of Information

The purchase and sale of tickets, including the provision of personal and bank details, is carried out in a safe and confidential virtual environment.

Milkshake Brasil ensures total security of the financial operations and the absolute correctness and invulnerability of the ticketing system. Using algorithms, Milkshake Brasil’s system generates each ticket with one unique code for each purchase. therefore, any occurrence of ticket duplicity will be understood as the lack of verification on the part of the buyer, which may result in the buyer’s access to the festival being denied in case someone else produces a copy of the ticket and enters the festival before the buyer.

8 – Security and forbidden objects

In order to ensure the public’s total safety, the Festival will feature a comprehensive security staff, along with services provided by the public authorities.

A monitoring network can be implemented including security cameras to supervise the actions of the public.

Participants in and outside the premises of the festival commits to ensuring the safety of his or her belongings, exempting the festival staff from any damages, losses or thefts that may occur.

Access to the festival area is prohibited or denied to people who:

  • Are under the clear influence of alcohol, drugs or any other stimulant;
  • Have been banned from festivals before, imposed by either the organizer or the administrative or legal authorities;
  • Are believed to show intent to disturb the peace or to provoke such a thing by inciting assault, hatred, racism, rage, etc;
  • Resist the control and non-systematic search by the festival’s security guards and security services;
  • Refuse to declare objects that are considered to be dangerous or off-limits by the festival’s security services;
  • Act in violation of the provisions of one or more articles listed in these Terms and Conditions, in any way, shape or form.

Milkshake Brasil reserves the right to remove from the festival any persons who fit the above mentioned hypotheses.

All visitors are subject to a security check at the entrance of the event and during its execution.

The security guards can ask all ticket holders (of the same sex) to voluntarily submit themselves to a superficial inspection of clothing and luggage, in order to detect objects that may, when brought to the festival grounds and/or campsite, disrupt the course of the festival or the campsite, jeopardize the safety of other festival goers and disturb the peace.

The members of the security staff have the right to confiscate objects seen as dangerous and/or prohibited at the sole discretion of the organizers of Milkshake Brasil 2017.

At the premises of the Festival, including the parking lot area, you (or any other person on your behalf) may not bring the items listed below to the event, considering that this list is simply explanatory and not exclusive:

  • No glass allowed;
  • Drugs, paraphernalia, prescription medicine where the person does not have a prescription (to be presented upon request) or is sharing with others and other products used for an unintended purpose. People who require nutrients or medication for medical reasons (e.g. diabetes) must be in possession of a medical prescription with their name clearly listed, including a daily dosage that is compatible with the time spent at the Festival;
  • Projectiles or explosives in solid, liquid or gaseous form;
  • Inflammable products or materials and sprays;
  • Pyrotechnical objects of any type (e.g. sparklers, bottle rockets);
  • Barrels and cylinders containing gases or liquids of any kind;
  • Any weapons or dangerous objects, knives, sharp objects, or bruising object which could be used in such a way (sticks, chains, stabbing or thrust weapons and the like);
  • Materials destined to manufacture bombs or any other products that may cause explosions and/or fires;
  • Animals (other than service dogs as permitted hereunder);
  • Deodorant or perfume in big bottles or sprays (cosmetics which are a normal shape and size are allowed max size 30oz/90ml);
  • Laser pointers;
  • Professional cameras (detachable lens);
  • Water guns or misters;
  • Chairs;
  • Flyers, stickers, posters;
  • Ink and pens;
  • Flags bigger than 1.5m long and 01m wide;
  • Flags with mast;
  • Inflatable objects with harmfull material;
  • Drone;
  • Walkie talkie;
  • Electroportables;
  • Selfie stick;
  • Umbrellas;
  • Jugglings;
  • Poisonous or toxic substances;
  • Soccer team t-shirts;
  • Thermal bottles and Gourds;
  • Paper rolls (magazines, newspapers);
  • Helmets;
  • Skateboard / Skates;
  • Bicycle;
  • Polystyrene or storage utensils;
  • Tablets or notebooks;
  • Pendants, heavy chains; Pointy objects (pens, hairpins, etc.);
  • Sharpening objects (scissors, nail clippers, razors);
  • Any material or object whose size or weight can cause injury in the event of isolated or generalized physical effort;
  • Every item that can be used as a means to disturb the peace, endanger the safety of the crowd and/or inflict damage to people and goods in the sole discretion of event staff.

Each visitor can enter the event with the following items:

  • Processed and packaged foods that, at Milkshake Brasil’s sole discretion, do not pose a risk of injury in case of isolated or generalized physical effort: 3 (three) items per person;
  • Water glasses, properly sealed: 2 (two) per person;
  • Cigarette packs: 1 (one) per person;

The event organizer reserves to the right to review and update this list of forbidden objects at any time.

9 – Zero Tolerance Drug Policy

Milkshake Brasil operates with a zero tolerance policy regarding illegal drugs;

It is forbidden to use, deal and/or to be in possession of illegal drugs on the festival area and campsite. If you are caught using or dealing illegal drugs or if you are found in possession of illegal drugs, you will be invited to leave the festival in accordance to the provisions of Brazilian law.

10 – Visitor Health

Any special medical condition should be immediately informed to the Festival’s organizer.

  • Prescription Drugs:

The Prescription Drugs category refers to medication subject to special control, as per ANVISA (Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency) provisions.

Those who make use of prescription drugs must identify themselves at the entrance of the festival, duly presenting the original medical prescription, including the name of the patient and signed by the responsible physician, as well as the respective medication correspondent to the prescription and quantity compatible to the period of permanence at the festival. The document must contain the express dosage designated for the patient, therefore, only the medication and quantities listed in the prescription will be allowed in the festival premises.

Diabetic patients who make use of syringes and need to store the medication in fridges must also inform their condition at the entrance of the festival, duly presenting the original medical prescription and necessary materials. The healthcare professionals will inform how to proceed to keep all medication in functional conditions.

  • OTC Medication

The “Over The Counter” (OTC) category refers to medication that is not registered by ANVISA as prescription drugs and may be acquired directly off the shelf without medical prescription, such as aspirins, flu medication, analgesics, etc.

Visitors carrying over the counter medication must also present them at the entrance of the festival, considering that only the quantity compatible with the daily standard use for one person will be allowed, according to the medication’s dosage instructions. Liquid-based medication must be presented in its original package at the entrance of the festival and is subject to the evaluation of the event’s healthcare professionals.

  • Allergies

Visitors who suffer from food and medication allergies or other substances must carry an identification badge pertaining to this condition at all times, maintain their companions duly informed about the situation, as well as immediately communicate their condition to the event’s healthcare professionals if necessary.

11 – Conduct at the Event

On festival grounds, it is strictly forbidden to:

  • Spend the night inside a car at the parking lot;
  • Camp in areas that are not specifically designated for this purpose;
  • Park vehicles outside the signposted areas;
  • Try to access restricted sections or to be in sections of the site which are restricted, in accordance to their entry ticket, such as production rooms, artist’s lodges, neutral and VIP zones, press rooms, offices, backstage area etc;
  • Climb tents, constructions, fences, closures, lighting columns, tables, benches or any other infrastructure of the site;
  • Obstruct entrances, exits and evacuation routes and/or to linger at these locations any longer than strictly necessary for entering or exiting the festival area;
  • Disguise themselves to avoid being recognized, to disturb the peace and to compromise the safety of the general public;
  • Sell drinks, food or any other product without the express consent of the organizer;
  • Throw or shoot with any object or liquid or any other product in loose or gaseous form;
  • Crowdsurfing;
  • Smoke in the non-smoking areas;
  • Urinate in public.

Any kind of discrimination is forbidden. Texts, symbols, images, gestures and obscene language inciting racism, xenophobia, provocation and discrimination are forbidden at the festival grounds and campsite.

Failure to comply with these Terms and/or directions of the organizer or those people appointed or mandated by the organizer at all times while on festival grounds and campsite may lead to the violator’s removal from the festival area and/or campsite.

If necessary, the organizer may call the police and other relevant authorities.

If you are removed from the festival area and/or campsite for any of the aforementioned reasons, access will be denied to the festival area for the remainder of the event, even if you are in possession of a new entry ticket or special admission.

The ticket holder agrees to adhere to the conditions imposed by the organizer in relation to peace and safety during the event, and may not claim ignorance to these facts after his or her entry.

All tickets guarantee a single access to the festival. Visitors who leave the festival at any time and in any event will not be able to return. Milkshake Brasil reserves the right to allow visitors to leave and return in case of emergency.

12 – Reserved Rights of the Organizer 

For safety reasons, the organizer reserves the right to:

  • Inspect any vehicle at any time;
  • Interrupt or stop the festival;
  • Provisionally keep the festival visitors on the site at the end of the festival;
  • Totally or partially vacate the site;
  • Deny access to the site regardless of the possession of a valid entry ticket;
  • The organizer may be forced to alter the programmed and/or the timetable of the festival. In this case, the entry ticket remains valid and is neither exchangeable nor refundable.

13 – Image Rights

According to Law nº 13.541/03, the event will be filmed, and the images are confidential and protected in accordance with the law. The event will be filmed, recorded and photographed for later publication, transmission, retransmission, storage, reproduction and / or dissemination in television, cinema, radio, internet, general advertising and any other media vehicle or type of media in Brazil and / Or outside for the longer term allowed by law.

By attending the event, every person also gives their express consent to the fact that he or she may be photographed and filmed and that these images and sounds can be registered and stored for security reasons. This includes any film, photograph, audio and/or audiovisual recording.

To this end, upon purchasing your ticket and attending the event, you agree, authorize and lease the free use of your image, name and voice according to the terms herein, without limitations and without characterizing this action as the misuse of your image or any other violation of rights subject to any charges or compensation, considering that the event may be filmed, recorded or photographed, at the organizer’s discretion, for future publication, broadcast, retransmission, reproduction or advertisement on TV, cinema, radio, Internet, ads or any other means of communication, DVD and home video production.

The organizer registers and stores these images and potentially makes them available to local authorities in order to ensure the security and safety of visitors and the enforcement and compliance with the safety regulations on the festival area.

Your attendance at the event implies the unconditional acceptance of the terms described above.

14 – Visitors with Special Needs

Milkshake Brasil is endeavoring to make the festival accessible to people with special needs. We are paying a lot of attention to the accessibility of the festival area and its surroundings. Our staff is fully available should you need any assistance or additional information about accessibility.

  • Upon providing proof of the visitor’s condition, we will make special spots available at the parking lot;
  • Guide dogs are welcome at the Festival’s premises. Make sure that they’re easily identified;
  • Adapted bathrooms will be placed in specific locations across the entire area of the Festival;

Contact: info.milkshake@plus.network.

15 – Medical Care

Milkshake Brasil 2017 will feature medical care services compatible with the festival’s size. Upon expressing interest in purchasing a ticket, you agree to receive first aid medical care and, if necessary, be transferred to a nearby hospital to obtain treatment should a medical occurrence take place on the festival’s premises that our medical professionals deem suitable and necessary.

You recognize and acknowledge that there are hazards and risks of physical injury or illness and that not all such risks can be fully eliminated. By entering the event site, you voluntarily agree to assume the full risk of death, bodily injury or damage, regardless of severity, that may result from force majeure, such as forces of nature and/or commotions or widespread panic.
16 – Fire Safety

In compliance with Decree nº 49.969/08, the festival meets the requirements of the law and has fire safety devices:

  • Signed escape routes and exits;
  • Fire-fighting equipment;
  • Fire fighting brigade;
  • Emergency lighting;
  • Emergency exits; and
  • Medical assistance team with ambulances.

17 – Parking Lot

Please use the Event’s official parking area and do not park your car on public streets or highways. The police will severely punish those who park their vehicle in prohibited locations or in non-official parking lots. If deemed necessary, your car will be towed. Camping or spending the night on parking lot areas is not allow.